The KAISER+KRAFT Safety sign quiz


  • For each question, write down the letter matching the answer that you think is correct.
  • All letters put together form a word that has something to do with signs.
  • Have fun! 🙂
Safety sign quiz pha

1) What does this sign mean?

K - Caution, Rolling pin

H - Emergency wine

S - Caution, Gas bottle

M - Used wall paper roll

Safety sign quiz pha

2) What is the colour of mandatory signs?

O - Red

A - Blue

S - Fuchsia

M - Yellow

Safety sign quiz pha

3) Which of these signs means "warning; automatic start-up"?

Safety sign quiz pha


Safety sign quiz pha


Safety sign quiz pha


Safety sign quiz pha


4) What does the abbreviation "GHS" stand for on dangerous goods labels?

  • U - Green hazardous substances
  • B - Goods handling services
  • E - Globally harmonized system
  • Z - Gluten-free handmade spaghetti

5) And what does this sign here tell us?

  • X - Access only for cool people
  • N - Put on 3D-glasses
  • C - Caution, the sun is shining
  • T - Use eye protection
Safety sign quiz pha

6) Which of these statements is true?

  • Y - Warning signs must be triangular and have black lettering on the background colour signal yellow (RAL 1003).
  • D - Examples of mandatory signs are “No parking and storage” and “No smoking”.
  • E - If there are warning signs of falling loads, a mandatory sign for the use of light respiratory protection is recommended..
  • Z - A fire protection symbol always consists of a yellow pictogram on a red background.