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Efficient transport solutions

Material handling

Move efficiently, transport with safety.

Transport equipment, trolleys

Transport, works. _00
  • Easy and efficient transport of heavy and bulky loads
  • Can be used for many businesses and areas of use, such as industry, production and workshops
  • Safe working environment for employees in the company

Electric transport equipment

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  • Upgrade our trolleys by adding a high power electric drive
  • Ergonomic transport of loads up to 500 kg and increased operational efficiency
  • Smart solutions for order picking and flexible work

ESD transport equipment

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  • Sensitive electronic components are protected from damage caused by electrostatic discharges
  • ESD wheels discharge any static created by friction during rolling movements
  • Compliance with industry standards

Lifting equipment

Lift, move and transport heavy loads.

Lifting equipment

Transport, works. _00
  • Make heavy loads safe and efficient to transport and place in high spaces
  • Precise lifting and lowering of loads
  • For a wide range of uses in industry, warehousing and logistics

Hoists, load securing

Transport, works. _00
  • Safe lifting and moving of heavy loads for trouble free workflows
  • Precise control options for manufacturing and assembly
  • Load securing makes safe and stable transport possible


Transport, works. _00
  • Sturdy and stable: cranes suitable for versatile use lift and move heavy loads effortlessly
  • Reliable mobile and stationary cranes with different max. loads
  • Compact and space saving workshop cranes

Conveyor systems

For smooth running goods movement.

Conveyor technology

Transport, works. _00
  • Saves effort, fast and flexible for an optimum flow of goods
  • Transport routes within the company become shorter, and company workflows become more efficient
  • Conveyor tracks and rollers can be combined to cater to your needs

Wheels, castors

Transport, works. _00
  • Choice of the corresponding tyres to suit the location of use, working environment and floor covering
  • Improve the mobility of transport equipment
  • Non-marking and puncture proof travel, as well as noise reduction

Spare parts

Transport, works. _00
  • Sustainable use of transport equipment for a long service life
  • Fast repair and reduction of downtime
  • Cost saving due to repair instead of buying new equipment

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Additional information

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