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Solutions for more space + efficiency

Shelving systems

Efficient solutions for storing your goods.

Shelving system

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  • Shelving systems for efficient storage of small goods
  • Different heights, depths, lengths and load capacities to maximise your storage space
  • A wide range of practical extras such as drawers and doors

Wide span shelving units

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  • Shelving systems for the storage of medium sized products
  • Optimum use of space due to flexible dimensions and max. loads
  • Can be modified or extended any time you need to

Cantilever racking units

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  • Cantilever racking unit for the storage of long items
  • Suitable for adapting to the individual amount of space available due to variable dimensions and load capacities
  • Can be used on one or both sides

Pallet racking units

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  • Robust shelf units for the storage of loaded pallets
  • Reliable accessories for securing pallets in the shelf unit
  • Approvals in accordance with the current EN 15512:2020

Everything for the warehouse

Big boxes

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  • From mesh pallets to a folding big box: a wide range with more than 200 products to choose from
  • Different materials, pallet or industrial sizes and different colours
  • Wide range of accessories

Open fronted storage bins

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  • Can be used in many areas: whether for mobile use in your transport trolleys or as an organisational aid in the cupboard and on your shelves
  • Practical extras for a better overview of your warehouse
  • Maximum choice of colours, sizes and materials

Boxes in many colours and formats

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  • Whether folded, pleated, perforated or with a lid: containers in many sizes and colours
  • A varied product range made of steel, aluminium and plastic or recycled material
  • High quality products from our own brands eurokraft pro and basic, as well as products from renowned manufacturers

Tilting skip

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  • High quality tipping skips and folding skips from high quality German manufacturers
  • For waste, chips or other materials, easy to empty by hand or forklift truck
  • Functional accessories for safe transport

Practical extras

Safety for pallet racking units

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  • Accessories for the reliable storage of your goods – and for a safe working environment for your employees
  • Collision protection and safety railings to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Pallet securing mechanisms to minimise the risk of falling pallets


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  • All types of labels for identifying products quicky
  • Self-adhesive or magnetic
  • Floor markings for logical logistics processes

Drums, tanks

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  • From plastic drums to a storage tank: a wide range of products for storing liquids
  • Robust, stackable or with carrying handles
  • High quality products from renowned manufacturers

Accessories for crates & containers

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  • Covers and lids to provide protection from dust, moisture and foreign bodies
  • Simplified storage and material organisation using labels, label holders and insert holders
  • Transport castors in different sizes to allow crates to be rolled along the floor

Even more help in the warehouse


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  • More than 100 different pallet types for every requirement
  • Wood, plastic, aluminium or steel pallets for heavy loads and special requirements
  • From pallet cones to edge protectors: an extensive range of products for load securing

Transport equipment

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  • Lift, move and deploy loads with little effort
  • The right vehicle for every requirement
  • Some products with Quicklift or scales

Ladders and platforms

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  • Safe and comfortable work at any height
  • So much potential: single-sided or double-sided, height adjustable and mobile
  • Standardised, high quality products from leading manufacturers and our own brand eurokraft pro

A place to put goods

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  • Containers for indoor and outdoor storage
  • Walls and roof made of zinc plated trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Secure theft protection due to lockable hinged doors

Top sellers for a sustainable workshop.