Order tracking & Delivery mg$

Where is your package right now?

It is not surprising if you want to know where your goods are at the moment and when you can expect their arrival.

For this you can use our Delivery tracking. Simply enter the customer and order number and check the status.

Delivery to point of use

As a standard, we deliver your articles "to the curb" or even to your goods receiving department. In addition, we also offer you many articles "delivered to the point of use". This means that on request we deliver exactly where you need your ordered goods: to the workplace, directly to the warehouse or to the construction site, for example. Just ask for a quote at the time of order

By the way: If you book your articles including assembly service, talk to us about a full turn-key solution.

1Our standard delivery charges will be specified at the time an order is placed and are for delivery to all addresses in the Ireland, other than certain remote locations and offshore.

Delivery times

You've only just made an order, and already we're there – as a rule, after seven to ten working days. But in this case, as so often, it's important to remember: there are exceptions to the rule, so please pay attention to the information in the catalogue and in the webshop.

The coloured squares always indicate the current availability of the product you selected. This shows you straight away how quickly your preferred product can be delivered, allowing you to plan your purchases better.

Delivery by appointment

Need your delivery on a particular day? No problem, if we have the goods in stock, you will always receive your orders on time and delivered on the desired date that you specify.

Simply give us a call on 1 800 677 300 and agree on a delivery day with us.

Order tracking & Delivery wt$

Have a question about your order?

Sometimes it's quicker just to call, e-mail or fill out a form.

Call us on: 1 800 677 300

Email: sales@kaiserkraft.ie