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High performance stackers for in-house company transport
A stacker allows you to transport objects quickly. There's hardly a production area today that completes its work without using transport and lifting devices. To make in-house company transport of products and goods much easier and much more manageable, stackers in all sorts of different versions are available to choose from. Forklift trucks that are designed for the respective usage are employed in many operational areas, such as in storage or in production, as well as in sales rooms. Differences between the individual stackers in our webshop result from the load lifting capacity, the lifting height and the fork qualities. Loads are lifted either electro-hydraulically or manually.

Technical advantages of stackers
The stackers available in our online product range make lifting and lowering even large loads easy. The lifting height can be adjusted exactly to the millimetre, and is adjusted steplessly using a drawbar or pedal. A series-standard overload pressure valve on the stacker ensures operating the lifting devices and equipment remains sufficiently safe. The fork size and width can be adjusted to fit numerous types of pallets. There are also fork extensions for special cases, which are, for example, suitable for lifting mesh boxes. A forklift can move pallets vertically. In order to be able to tilt these, there are pallet lifters that can also move to the side using a rotation device. Forklifts are designed to fit through doors without problems or to be effortlessly steered within tight spaces. The special design gives them a stability that makes tipping over impossible. The level of safety is increased by additional stops on the steering wheels which are activated when the device is under full load. Protective grids on the stacker in front of the load chain and the lifting cylinder also given the operator additional safety. Smooth running and robust wheels also ensure things move forward quickly.


No-one wants the high jinx stacking up. This creates all the more demand for drawbar stackers, manual stackers or wide gauge stackers. For in-house handling, warehousing and transport, stackers are simply indispensable these days. We therefore have stackers with all sorts of different designs – all of which boast the very best, technically flawless quality.
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Wide gauge stacker
max. load 1000 kg
Ex. VAT 2,115.00
EUROKRAFT - Manual stacker
with manual winch, max. load 300 kg
Ex. VAT from 1,125.00
Ex. VAT 5,090.00
Drawbar stacker
telescopic mast, max. load 1200 kg
Ex. VAT from 7,555.00
Ex. VAT 3,595.00
High lift stacker
lifting range 90 - 1200 mm, max. load 1100 kg
Ex. VAT 1,385.00
High lift stacker
lifting range 90 - 1600 mm, max. load 1100 kg
Ex. VAT 1,435.00
High lift stacker
lifting range 90 - 1600 mm, max. load 1600 kg
Ex. VAT 1,685.00
High lift stacker
lifting range 90 - 2500 mm, max. load 1100 kg
Ex. VAT 1,745.00
High lift stacker
lifting range 90 - 3000 mm, max. load 1100 kg
Ex. VAT 1,975.00
Baka - QuickLift high lift stacker
max. load 1000 kg, single mast
Ex. VAT from 2,450.00
Baka - QuickLift high lift stacker
max. load 1000 kg, telescopic mast
Ex. VAT from 3,175.00
12 items found
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