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Sump trays

Contained! Whether for specific use with pallets or for the storage of drums, mobile or stackable, low profile sump trays or small container universal trays: whenever hazardous materials could present a danger for people or the environment, our sump trays are a safe and practical solution. In this sense: look around for the model best suited for you!

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When hazardous substances need to be collected: sump trays

You've probably experienced it when changing the oil: the mechanic undoes the screw, and the black sauce streams into the sump tray below the engine.

We don't just come into contact with environmentally damaging liquids when servicing or repairing machines, for the collection or disposal of which special containers made of special materials are mandatory: sump trays. In all sectors in industry, mechanical engineering, construction and everywhere else where we handle, for example, fuels, coolants, lubricants, oils, paints, alkaline solutions or acids, bund trays of all different types are used. And KAISER+KRAFT has them available, all of which will suit your needs and satisfy all the legal requirements.

Mobile, on the floor, for small containers – sump trays for every requirement

Water hazardous or flammable liquids don't just require containers that are up to the job and satisfy the legal requirements. This is why we offer you base sumps in all possible sizes and thicknesses. We've also thought of the right material for the corresponding liquid. From sheet steel to polyethylene to PVC, and on castors, with feet, or as a drum and small container shelf unit – if problematic liquids are used at your company, then they'll collect them so that they can be disposed of properly or be stored for disposal. The benefits are obvious: responsible hazardous substances isn't just required by law; protecting waterways should be a matter of course for every company.

Hazardous goods handling – everything for the business

If we weren't KAISER+KRAFT, we wouldn't be doing justice to our motto in every field of endeavour: everything for the business. And so when it comes to the topic of hazardous goods handling, we have a full range of products. This starts with containers of all types, such as drums, bins or tanks, and extends to hazardous goods storage cupboards, as well as stackers and other lifting equipment and lifting devices that allow the delicate cargo to be stowed at the right level. Give us a call if you have any questions, because it's also true in this context: service is our strength!

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