Justrite Sump trays

Justrite sump trays – no margin for error!

When employees handle liquids that are hazardous to water, or flammable fuels, leaks and drip losses are always liable to occur. That is why Justrite sump trays are an essential component of the basic equipment used for handling hazardous goods in accordance with regulations. The folding sump solutions in particular have proven their value many times over – and not just when used for emergencies. They feature outstanding mobility, are quick to set up, and can even be driven over with heavy equipment. Things can go wrong – but Justrite minimises the consequences for employees and the environment.

Constantly coming up with new developments, Justrite has become one of the top addresses for operating safety professionals. One of the latest developments by the US company are sump trays that are made of environmentally friendly recycled material and thereby double their contribution to more sustainability. We also put our trust in this expertise, and offer you numerous Justrite products for handling hazardous goods, for outdoor areas and for warehouse equipment.