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Stacking chairs, conference chairs

Do you know what the decisive advantage of ergonomic, stackable chairs and conference chairs is? Room to sit! You only have to make as much room for seating as you need. And after sitting in on the meeting, you simply stack the chairs on top of each other again. Finished. And the attractive appearance of the chairs makes taking a seat even more inviting.

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Stacking chairs: Seats to suit requirements

An unexpected number of additional participants at the meeting, a long guest list for the conference, daily customer movements that are difficult to calculate: There are plenty of occasions when you need more chairs than you usually would in your day-to-day business. So isn't it great that stacking chairs are quick to organise and can be easily stored when not in use?

What types of stacking chairs are available?

Our product range has been put together to ensure you can purchase stacking chairs that complement all our conference and multi-purpose tables both visually and functionally. You can choose from a wide range of exceptionally sturdy wooden models that are suitable for frequent set-up and clearing of rows of chairs.

You can also put together a selection of conference chairs that are particularly comfortable and help the user to listen attentively during meetings.

Of course, a good office cannot manage without visitors' chairs, which, depending on their purpose of use, are either sober in design or impress with top-quality features. You can order bench units that take up little space and, thanks to their solid construction, prevent clutter caused by chairs being move around in all types of waiting rooms.

What do I need to pay attention to when choosing visitors’ chairs?

Conferences and meetings can be long and hard work as well. That is why choosing stacking chairs that are particularly comfortable and meet the requirements of healthy sitting is particularly important. Besides this, you will also benefit from being able to concentrate on presentations and discussions better.

When there are a lot of participants at a large event – for example, at a lecture or an annual general meeting – relying on more straightforward models for stacking can be expedient. As a general rule, you should always think about the chairs in relation to the average time spent seated, the user's activity (listening, working, communicating etc.) and how often the chair is needed.

Of course, you can also use the stacking chair to send subtle signals about the importance of its users. For this reason alone, you should focus on maintaining uncompromising quality and an impressive appearance in your most important conference room. We would be happy to advise you about this as well – simply contact us!

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