Dauphin Stacking chairs, conference chairs

A relaxed day despite long meetings is guaranteed by DAUPHIN conference chairs

In our modern age, most activities are predominantly carried out while seated. Because the longest part of the day is meanwhile being spent at the workplace, innovative and ergonomic solutions are in high demand. High quality manufacturing of meeting room chairs is therefore indispensable. DAUPHIN conference chairs are manufactured to meet exactly these requirements. For example, they feature a mesh back rest and have a four foot frame. To allow users to spend long periods seated comfortably, the seat surface is upholstered. DAUPHIN conference chairs are generally sturdy and stable.

The DAUPHIN brand stands for innovative solutions worldwide when it comes to seating, and for the high quality workmanship of all the different chairs it makes. The company has been a part of Holding Dauphin Office Interiors GmbH & Co. KG since 1992. The DAUPHIN conference chairs also satisfy all the expectations of maximum comfort and ergonomic seating.