FLORA Waste caddies

Waste collection trolleys from FLORA – for company grounds that are clean and tidy

Keeping things clean and tidy has utmost priority in areas that are not open to the public in particular. And when you've got the right equipment, collecting waste can be done in no time at all. FLORA has waste collection trolleys in its product range for everyone responsible for keeping things clean and tidy – ensuring that everything goes exactly where it belongs.

At FLORA, we know that collecting waste is a job that's very important! And that's why the waste collection trolleys make an impression on anyone with exacting requirements of function and quality, ensuring they provide reliable service for as long as possible. Ergonomics are also important as they allow your employees to work efficiently without putting their health at risk: some models are even equipped with reflectors so that your employees are always clearly visible on the company premises even in the dark. The ergonomically shaped handles ensure comfortable handling, and the large wheels effortlessly negotiate uneven surfaces such as kerbs or grates. The integrated protection against tipping guarantees stability even when they trolley is fully loaded. Any extra tools used for work, such as litter grabbers and rubbish tongs, can be placed in the holders provided for them in no time at all. Get yourself equipped with FLORA waste collection trolleys now.