Hailo Recycling bins

Who knew how valuable rubbish can be?

Rubbish isn't just rubbish. It usually contains many different recyclable materials, which are actually perfectly easy to reuse. Some companies find a use for their rubbish, so that certain materials aren't being thrown away at all, but rather are returned straight back to the production cycle. Regardless of whether you need your recyclable materials yourself, or wish to ensure regulation-compliant disposal, the right recyclable waste collector systems will ensure you can do just that. And HAILO, for example, is here to help. The company has established itself as the go-to brand for separating waste. HAILO uses sturdy materials, provides different colours for orientation and makes handling easy. This is why the access flaps on HAILO recyclable waste collectors tend to be large; waste sacks are really easy to insert and remove. In a nutshell: the HAILO trademark is the red dot to which the Green Dot can be applied. Both represent environmentally conscious recycling.