Collection, separating and disposing of waste might not be one of the best jobs in the factory, but it is an important prerequisite for problem-free production or for making a good impression, for example in service areas. Suitable waste containers in different sizes and colours will make this work much easier for you. All waste containers in our product range can be used both indoors and outdoors, are made of robust, high quality materials and can hold between 70 and 1100 litres.

Plastic large waste containers
The high volume plastic models compliant with EN 840 are particularly suitable for those parts of your company in which large quantities of waste accumulate and, of course, for central waste disposal. Not only can you store a lot of rubbish temporarily in these waste containers, but you can also transport them easily and ergonomically. The large waste containers feature four castors with individual wheel stops, and have a low inherent weight.

Recyclable waste containers
The smaller stainless steel versions feature a bracket for waste sacks and can be locked shut. These waste containers are suitable for collecting recyclable materials in hygienic areas, wet rooms and the laboratory in particular. The self closing and fire and odour retardant access flap keeps them safe to use.