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Kongamek shelf trucks: start by sorting for better transport!

What's the magic word in a modern company? Efficiency! Opportunities for optimisation await everywhere. For example, when you want to move products, workpieces, or deliveries from A to B, then Kongamek shelf trucks allow you to sort your delivery on shelves suitable for individual installation, and transport everything to the intended destination on smooth running, high precision castors. Don't worry if the load is a bit heavier than usual – at Kongamek, transport equipment has to be able to withstand weights of at least several hundred kilos, and products that don't won't make it onto the market.

Our Kongamek brand shop has a huge range of logistics equipment for you to discover, all made to the Swedish “secret recipe”: Konga Mekaniska Verkstad AB has grown to become the first choice for many industries with its table trolleys, Kongamek rolling containers and shelf trucks in all shaped and sizes. This is because the material and design of the Kongamek transport equipment allows it to be perfectly adapted to industry-specific challenges. Be it in hospitality, or in manufacturing, or anywhere else.