Kongamek Serving trolleys

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    Kongamek serving trolleys: dinner is ready!

    Hungry, thirsty, with a craving for sweets? The best part of any meeting is the drinks and snacks – and you can now bring them into the conference room on Kongamek serving trolleys. The shelf trucks and table trolleys not only do an outstanding job because of the stability and ease of movement that is typical to the brand, but their appearance also reflects how functional they are. The Kongamek C-Line with its dynamic design and multiple shelves harmonises perfectly within the hospitality industry. This product is also available as a shopping trolley with a difference – this being that is makes shopping so much nicer to do.

    It's nothing unusual for Konga Mekaniska Verkstad AB, which manufactures the popular Kongamek brand, to come up with impressive items of transport equipment for use outside workshops and industry. After all, that's what these Swedes are known for. They have wheeled workmates in their product range for every purpose. Kongamek not only makes typical everyday tasks much easier, but also the big challenges – in every area of the company. Discover the variety in our Kongamek brand shop now!