CEMO Transport containers

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CEMO multi-purpose and large containers – the large container for transport and storage of bulk materials, liquids and much more

CEMO multi-purpose containers and large containers will help you implement high-efficiency workflows. Highly efficient for the following reasons: on the one hand, the large container features a smooth surface, making it effortless to clean, while on the other hand, CEMO multi-purpose and large containers can be placed inside each other when empty, and can also be stacked properly when full. A multi-purpose container also promises good stability, making it possible to transport hazardous goods safely as well. To make this even easier, we offer CEMO dollies for this as well. The CEMO multi-purpose containers are, incidentally, made of GRP and therefore corrosion resistant, as well as weather and temperature resistant.

The CEMO company, which has been doing business for more than 50 years, is considered one of the pioneers in the state of the art transport and storage containers business. CEMO multi-purpose and large containers will provide you with durable, safe and robust products.