CEMO Transport boxes

Practical storage at all times using CEMO transport boxes

The CEMO transport boxes, which are available with all sorts of different volumes, make an impression with their diverse usage options. From small parts to heavy loads, everything will find a home in the stackable CEMO transport and multi-purpose boxes. The handles attached to the sides ensure easy handling and problem-free transport. The dimensions of the lockable CEMO cases and transport boxes, which have been designed to make them suitable for use on trucks, mean you'll be able to convey your goods for transport from A to B even more straightforwardly in future.

CEMO has been developing transport boxes for all sorts of different areas of use for more than 50 years, making it one of the leading manufacturers in this sector. This is why you should add CEMO transport boxes to your warehouse equipment and profit from optimal use of storage space and a tidied up warehouse.