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TORK sanitary supplies – a partner for reliable hygiene

When it comes to equipping the company, most efforts are now being focussed on sanitary supplies – for reasons that are obvious. If you are looking for brand-name quality at a budget-friendly price, then TORK sanitary supplies are the only obvious choice. After all, its high quality paper products, soap dispensers and wash lotions prove their value on a daily basis in thousands of companies and countless industries. We're willing to bet that TORK is already ensuring your company remains hygienic and clean too. Time to arm yourself with more!

TORK, a brand within the Stockholm-based Essity company, will make it easy for you to get what you need. The market leader in cleaning, hygiene and health in the social area is guaranteed to have everything you need for hand washing and other hygienic requirements. TORK has taken the pole position in more than 150 countries, and is also high on the list of companies our customers like to make purchases from.