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Panel shelving units for custom dimensions
Panel shelving units help with storing objects with a large surface area. Many companies that maintain a warehouse or a workshop require different types of cupboards, shelving units and storage spaces. Panel shelving units are a special means of storing large objects. These shelving units allow fast and secure placement and storage of panels both big and small. It isn't important which material the panels are made of. The panel shelving units provide space for panels made of wood, plastic and metal. Due to the optimised storage of panels, the material is not damaged, and can be stored in a clearly organised way. If necessary, the panels can be accessed at any time. They can be removed individually from the storage boxes. Along with the clear organisation they provide, panel shelving units have another advantage: the panels are stored in a space saving way. Panel stands make storage even in small storage rooms possible.

Practical remainder shelving and panel shelving unit for professional storage
Our online shop offers different types of panel shelving units. This professional shelving unit optimises the storage of large-format panels made of wood, plastic and metal. Due to the good workmanship and the robust materials that have been used, the shelving units are extremely stable and durable. Smooth running steel rollers make work more convenient when putting panels into storage and removing them from storage. Plug in divider bars help to keep storage clearly organised. Along with storage in panel shelving units, vertical storage in sheet material boxes is also suitable for panel sheets in standard formats. Storage can be clearly organised in this case as well while also saving space, and the smooth running steel rollers ensure that no great effort is required. It is often practical to use special panel shelving units for smaller panels, the so-called remainder shelving units. These allow panels both big and small to be stored. When cutting panels to size, there are usually remainders left that can be deposited in the shelving units in a clearly organised way.

Panel stands, panel shelving units

Just as well that there are panel stands and panel shelving units, because otherwise you'd be making do by leaning your sheets, wooden panels or plastic panels up against the wall. Not a good solution... our panel shelving units and panel stands with plug-in partitioning frames, panel guides or entry guide rollers are much better. Find the right model for you!
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Ex. VAT 714.00
Ex. VAT 368.00
EUROKRAFT - Panel shelving, zinc plated
LxWxH 2030 x 800 x 1000 mm, 9 compartments
Ex. VAT 999.00
EUROKRAFT - Panel shelving, zinc plated
LxWxH 2030 x 800 x 1000 mm, 6 compartments
Ex. VAT 837.00
EUROKRAFT - Panel storage box
HxLxW 1250 x 1100 x 2000 mm
Ex. VAT 727.00
EUROKRAFT - Panel storage box
HxLxW 1500 x 1100 x 2500 mm
Ex. VAT 1,295.00
EUROKRAFT - Panel storage box
HxLxW 1750 x 1100 x 3000 mm
Ex. VAT 1,620.00
EUROKRAFT - Plate stand without bars
with entry guide roller at front
Ex. VAT from 364.50
8 items found
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