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Kern scales – the formula for perfect quality

When a company needs to use a set of scales, then it's usually not just trying to determine the weight of the goods. It's probably a matter of quality assurance, optimising logistics, organising shipments, or any number of other activities. Which makes using Kern scales the only logical thing to do. These precision instruments for the laboratory, cleanroom, production facilities, shipping and packaging not only deliver measurements that are accurate right down to the last gram – they can also determine exact quantities or differences, and show the results in references you define.

The Balingen-based company Kern & Sohn is a place where bean counters will feel right at home. After all, this is where everything you need for detailed measurements and analysis of products, raw materials or other items is manufactured. Kern accessories that allow weighing stations to be customised are available from us, as are scales with digital interfaces to PCs, smartphones and measuring software. In particular, the uncompromising accuracy distinguishes this product range – just like the wide range of scales for lightweight small parts, or large goods weighing tonnes.