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Seals – so the strapping fits like a glove
Seals are made to join the ends of the strap together and – and the name makes clear – seal them firmly. This sealing unit can be a sleeve for steel and plastic straps, a metal clamp for polyester or fabric straps, or a buckle fastener for plastic straps. Furthermore, the seals in our product range also differ in terms of material, width, length and strength. You'll find we have exactly the right seal for many different types of strapping. By using a tensioning and sealing device, the seals can be placed around the overlapping straps and be firmly sealed. Are you looking for everything you need for strapping in one product, perfectly harmonised and suitable for different applications? We also have a diverse range of strapping sets in our product range!


Place the strapping around the package and tension it, join the ends firms using a seal, and you're done. Sounds easy? And it is too – when you have the seals, metal clamps and buckle fasteners that match the strapping perfectly.
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pack of 1000
Ex. VAT 105.60
Metal seals
for steel strapping, length 27 mm
Ex. VAT from 29.30
for plastic tape
Ex. VAT from 48.05
for plastic strapping, length 33 mm
Ex. VAT from 63.30
Metal buckles
phosphate coated
Ex. VAT from 86.80
Extra flat seals
pack of 2000
Ex. VAT from 91.40
Extra flat seals
for 13 mm composite strapping
Ex. VAT 200.50
Extra flat seals
for 16 mm composite strapping
Ex. VAT 112.50
for plastic strapping, length 28 mm
Ex. VAT from 36.35
for plastic strapping, length 30 mm
Ex. VAT from 123.10
10 items found
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