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There's a lid for every pot. Though we really should say instead: there's a cover for every box. A firm seal is important for the transport and storage of goods. This is why we have covers for large containers and stacking containers, for cylindrical bins, tilting skips and EURO mesh pallets in our product range. Why not take a look inside?

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Lids and covers
A reliable fastening is often not only essential for the transport of goods of all types, but also for on-site storage. Lids, covers and folding lids therefore have an important function to perform, regardless of how nondescript they may be. They keep foodstuffs fresh, keep chemical substances free of contamination and keep dust or moisture well away from stored goods of all kinds. To ensure covers, lids and sealing systems can be chosen in suitable sizes and material stability levels, KAISER+KRAFT offers a very wide range of products guaranteed to have the right one for all sorts of different industrial uses. Whether a replacement lid for Euro stacking containers or sheet steel covers for cylindrical bins: a matching accessory is bound to be available for just about every container you can think of. An assortment of covers in grey, black, blue and many other colours can be combined for industrial containers and for multi-purpose containers, which makes optimally harmonising the new covers with an existing container system easy.

Lids, covers and hinged latches
The lids, covers and panels are available in polyethylene, polypropylene and many other types of plastic. Steel lids and stainless steel coverings are also in stock for stacking containers that need to be able to withstand particularly high weights and loads. The individual lids may feature hinges, making resealing containers particularly convenient. With a vision panel at the front, it is also possible to check the contents of the container quickly and without complications. Lids and covers for large containers and Euro mesh pallets can also be found among the products offered by KAISER+KRAFT. If a cover is required to protect the contents of a container from unauthorised access, then the lockable types of lids, such as those with a fitting for a padlock, are the perfect choice. Regardless of which requirements you are looking to satisfy with a sturdy means of closing lids: make a conscious decision to purchase one of these high quality products.