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mauser shelves: long live flexibility!

mauser office furnishings are the key to a flexible interior design for your office. mauser shelves and fitted shelves go one better – as accessories for all types of steel cupboards, they not only create additional space; they also offer an easy way to add a fresh touch to your office, archive and storage equipment at a reasonable price. We'll make it easy for you to choose: each product page that shows our mauser shelves also lists the matching cupboard from our mauser shop.

The “furniture that thinks” is made in Hesse, at mauser in Korbach to be precise. The experts in steel furniture are constantly coming up with new solutions to optimally adapt furniture to the workplace, even if it is “only” needed for storage and archiving. This approach to saving space has made mauser a top name in archive and library furnishings. The company also revolutionises the office a little more every day.