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Please contact us! Why? Because we, as the leading provider of factory, warehouse and office equipment, always have the right connections... in diverse sizes and versions, for fencing, chairs, mesh partitions or shelving units.

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Professional connection accessories for commercial use

The use of connection accessories from our webshop allow fences, chairs, mesh partitions or shelving units to be interconnected without problems. Double sided shelving units can be secured to each other, just like single sided versions. And whether the boltless shelving unit to be connected to other is made of steel or wood is largely irrelevant. Using matching accessories, a majority of shelving units can be connected to each other. The connection accessories required are also distinguished by the type of connection required, and the design of the standard shelving unit. There are specific accessories for corner connections that also leave room for vary the angle of the corner.

Everything for storing long goods

To ensure that long rods, pipes or plates can be stored appropriately, cantilever racking units are available. Simple-to-use connection accessories allow the length of these shelving units to be extended to almost any length required. In order to connect shelving units of this type to each other, longitudinal connectors or a cross brace are used. In order to affix the cross brace correctly, attention must be paid to the height of the shelving unit. The higher the shelving unit, the more cross braces should be installed to achieve sufficient stability. This type of connection accessory is not only suitable for use with cantilever racking units, but also for boltless shelving units. Whether the connection accessories are needed for wooden shelving units, boltless shelving units, mesh partitions or other areas of use – KAISER+KRAFT offers a large range of high quality products. The most diverse range of accessories for shelving units with all sorts of designs can be found in the product range. Belt connectors are also available, and are used to allow wide barriers to be set up without having to erect intermediate posts.