It's the small things that matter – and the office accessories

Just for once, try to get really comfortable on an office chair without arm rests. Or try securing your company premises without locks and keys. Even when you're usually focussed on the big things when it comes to office equipment, at the end of the day, it's the office accessories that keep the shop running. Or secure. Or clean. Or functional.

Office accessories keeps things running like clockwork

The vacuum cleaner was working just fine a moment ago, but suddenly stops making a sound. And has anyone seen the screw cap for the drain? In ongoing operations, things can quickly get broken or misplaced – but does this mean you now have to buy a whole new unit? Spare parts are a better choice.

We've gathered all the important technical bits and pieces which are particularly worth keeping in stock. This will also save you a lot of bother should it come to the crunch.

And you'd probably spend whole weeks at work searching for things if it weren't for labelling and labels. Why waste time? Organisation and office accessories are, in fact, closely related: our drawer accessories, for example, will put an end to the odds and ends drawer that seems to exist in every office desk in the world. And because we think of everything, we'll supply you with suitable drawers at the same time.

Why not save our cleaning accessories product range as a bookmark in your browser, because what you'll find here are things that you'll regularly need to combat dust and dirt. Whether the same applies for our connection accessories is up to you!

They won't have it – but look, they do!

We promise: when we have a specific product in our product range, then you'll also find we have the matching accessories for it. It doesn't matter how specific or small it is. A plinth for a steel locker? A handrail for mobile safety steps? Presentation cards for your next talk? We've got them!

Take a look at our category for additional accessory products, or ask us directly. We'll make sure we find it!

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