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There's always room left for a friendly smile.

bimos anti-fatigue stools and industrial stools are an investment in your employees which has been proven to pay off. Employees stand behind sales counters, at production lines, in quality assurance, in hairdressing salons and at the beautician: employees in direct contact with customers, as well as employees who manufacture or inspect quality goods piece by piece. All of them need to work with focus and concentration, as otherwise the hairdo will go wrong, a spare part will be faulty or the production figures will be low. bimos industrial stools and anti fatigue stools make it much easier to concentrate and also sustainably prevent back problems. An anti-fatigue stool doesn't take up much space behind the sales counter or on the production line. The employee can simply lean on one and take the load of their back and legs whenever they need to. This not only makes work more relaxing, but also leaves time for a friendly smile for customers and colleagues.