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15 tips for safe ladder handling

Tip 1

Read the instructions before using the ladder.

Tip 2

Make a visual inspection of the ladder before using it. Ensure that damaged ladders are not used.

Tip 3

Observe the maximum load of the ladder, 150 kg according to standards.

Tip 4

Set up the ladder at the correct angle, with leaning rung ladders 65° – 75°, with leaning step ladders, the steps must be horizontal.

Tip 5

Only set up ladders on anti-slip, even and firm ground.

Tip 6

Always ensure the spread securing equipment on step ladders is latched in place and tensioned.

Tip 7

The latching equipment on multi-part ladders must be present and used.

Tip 8

Take account of dangers from electrical hazards from power supply lines.

Tip 9

Increase stability by securing the top or bottom end of the ladder if required.

Tip 10

Leaning ladders must protrude at least 1 m over the surface to be climbed upon.

Tip 11

Leaning ladders may not lean against unsafe points, e.g. bars, wires, glass panes.

Tip 12

Do not lean over the side when working on a ladder.

Tip 13

Do not step off to the side from the ladder onto platforms or surfaces higher up.

Tip 14

With step ladders with an extension ladder, the 5th rung from the top is the last one that can be stepped upon. On leaning ladders, this is the 4th rung/step from the top.

Tip 15

With step ladders without a platform and railing, the 3rd rung/step from the top is the last one that can be stepped upon.

Reprinting (including excerpts) only permissible with approval from GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK GMBH. 03/2013 - Source and picture credits: GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK GMBH

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