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TAKKTOR T2000 – the premium electric tow truck

Drawbar-guided e-tow truck – developed by e-Xperts and made by EUROKRAFT, of course.

Like so many things in our working lives, not everything is about size. True strength is often found in little things. For KAISER+KRAFT, this strength is found in products that ensure that they provide everything they can to make the work you do in the workshop or warehouse even better and even easier. Strong products with the little extras such as convenience, quality, usefulness or a special technical design. Just like our TAKKTOR T2000, for example. The EUROKRAFT premium electric tow truck is equipped with a tow coupling and a battery charger, and has a tractive force of 2000 kilograms. And best of all: you don't need a forklift licence to drive one.

Find out more here about the drawbar-guided electric tow truck that was developed for you by the e-Xperts.

While the latest everyday hero to join your company might only weigh in at 315 kilos, it can tow six times its own weight. As a flexible and powerful transport aid, it inspires enthusiasm in each and every one of its users. And no wonder, because wherever the Takktor T2000 is used, the employees can stop flexing their muscles: the amount of energy needed to tow heavy loads is reduced to a minimum.

The TAKKTOR T2000 is a compact, highly manoeuvrable electric tow truck with a tractive force of up to 2000 kg and a speed approaching 4 km/h – which makes it the perfect compact aid for towing lightweight to medium weight trailers that need to be moved quickly, safely, economically and easily. It doesn't matter how often you move which loads around, or how long your transport routes are – we can offer you components for the T2000 that have been designed to complement each other optimally. For example, individual coupling solutions allow the tow truck to be used with different types of trailers, such as pallet dollies, mobile containers, mesh basket trolleys or long goods trucks. Thus the TAKKTOR T2000 can transport a large number of different loads. Travel times, travel routes and the amount of traffic are thereby reduced significantly.

Steering is made easy using the drawbar, which is also equipped with an ergonomic safety drawbar head. And in combination with the different types of trailers, our premium electric tow truck is turned into a tugger train that sticks to its track – and this in no time at all.

You can adapt any of your tugger trains to their respective deployment site, and can also safely manoeuvre them in tight spaces in reverse and forward gear... in furniture shops, in industrial facilities, in supermarkets, in hospitals or in warehouses with narrow aisles. This solution makes avoiding obstacles effortless. Should someone fail to see or hear the tugger train coming, then simply give the horn a toot – which is easily audible over long distances even in high-volume situations. The belly sensor ensures the requisite level of safety, eliminating the risk of getting stuck.

In short: everywhere that light to medium-weight loads need to be moved short distances, the undeniable advantages of the T2000 will come to the fore.

Thinking ahead

This electric tow truck also ensures that you are ready and equipped to face the future. After all, the T2000 can be recharged at any mains socket within the briefest of times. And because it features DC technology, it not only produces no emissions and makes minimal noise, but it is also virtually maintenance free. The sturdy and compact design of this mini-tow truck, and its high-torque, super-elastic drive wheels, always provide optimum traction.

Good to know!
“The T2000 is also on the job where we work, at the production facility in Haan. The TAKKTOR T2000 allows us to reduce the efforts required for transporting materials, especially in areas in which a stacker can't be used, and helps us work with considerably more speed, safety and efficiency than we could with conventional transport devices.”
Rainer Nießen, head of the Development/Design department, KAISER+KRAFT EUROPA GmbH

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You don't have to be big to be good



Interchangeable coupling

  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Safety bolts
  • Zinc plated
  • Interchangeable



  • 24 V
  • High traction
  • Low maintenance
  • Output 600 W
  • Differential gears


Tractive force

  • Up to 2000 kg – depending on:
  • Tow weight
  • Number of trailers
  • Wheels
  • Floor conditions



  • Super-elastic drive wheels
  • Polyurethane steering wheels



  • Horn: easily audible over long distances, even in loud environments
  • Foot protection: guard to protect against getting feet caught
  • Belly sensor: protection against getting stuck
  • Ergonomic safety drawbar head



  • Traction battery
  • Leakproof lead-gel battery
  • Long lasting: up to 700 charging cycles
  • 2 × 12 volts
  • 70 Ah
  • Battery monitor
  • Circuit breaker
  • Unaffected by deep discharge cycles
  • Completely recyclable



  • Extremely sturdy steel housing
  • Replaceable housing components


Bolt coupling

  • Bolt diameter 30 mm
  • Adjustment range 295 mm
  • Stepless adjustment



  • Forwards and reverse travel
  • Dynamic speed adjustment
  • 0 – 4 km/h (walking pace)
  • Very manoeuvrable




  • Order picking work
  • Material transport
  • Goods transport
  • Tugger train




  • Hospitals
  • Furniture storerooms
  • Beverage warehouses
  • Production
  • Narrow paths (general)




  • Tow truck + trailer + coupling systems
  • Components complement each other optimally
  • Premium EUROKRAFT quality




  • Housing components can be customised to the company's CI upon request
  • Flexible coupling system allows adaptation to many different trailers




  • Pallet dollies
  • Shelf trucks
  • Mobile containers
  • Cupboard trolleys
  • Mesh basket trolleys
  • Turntable trucks
  • Parcel trolleys
  • Long goods trucks
  • etc.


EUROKRAFT - TAKKTOR premium electric tow truck
with coupling and charging device
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