FLORA Dustpans, shovels

FLORA dustpans and shovels: tried-and-tested aids for outdoor maintenance

Durable, lightweight and perfect for outdoor use: FLORA dustpans and shovels utilise robust materials and classic manufacturing processes, ensuring they can withstand any wind, weather and season. Hand shovels, snow ploughs and long handle dustpans made by FLORA allow you to take care of winter service or remove unsightly dirt in an ergonomic way. FLORA products for cleaning and sanitary supplies do an excellent job and have prevailed in practice, which is why they are used in so many companies.

Even though the company has a long history of innovative new developments, FLORA has stayed true to the philosophy that has guided the company since it was founded in 1875: high quality products that optimise the way you care for your outdoor areas while also ensuring a job well done. And all that MADE IN GERMANY as well. Functionality is the defining feature of all FLORA products – from waste collectors to outdoor equipment.