Vikan Cleaning brushes

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    Vikan cleaning brushes – to clean even the smallest of gaps

    Dirt prefers to settle in spots that most tools used for cleaning have a hard time reaching. In food processing industries in particular, this can become a problem. The manufacturing standards used for the Vikan cleaning brushes for a guaranteed contaminant-free food production facility provide the solution. Flexible brushes for pipes, or scrubbers with adaptable bristles, will help clean up every last corner, crease, curve and edge in the entire production facility. And this in compliance with all EU and EC directives, of course!

    When it comes to cleaning and sanitary supplies, Vikan, a company from Denmark, is the first port of call for all food industry professionals, and not just for us. The entire global industry puts its faith in the abrasion-free bristles and brushes that the company makes. Vikan is the inventor of numerous standards that apply throughout the industry today which ensure safe food and beverage production. You can also ensure compliance with these standards by using Vikan dustpans and shovels and the corresponding Vikan brooms and brushes from our shop.