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Waste sacks – Regulation-compliant disposal
The waste sacks in the KAISER+KRAFT product range are all characterised by high quality material processing, a prerequisite that is essential for any functioning waste disposal system. Waste sacks are needed in every company. Depending on the industry and the materials for disposal, suitable waste sacks must be available on site in order to guarantee disposal in compliance with regulations. A heavy duty sack also allows unusually heavy waste to be transported. Large volumes of waste can be accommodated by waste sacks for recyclable waste containers. The right version of the different waste sacks can be chosen according to format and fill capacity of the respective rubbish bins and waste bins. Rectangular waste collectors are catered for, just like round ones. While paper sacks and compostable waste sacks for organic waste are available, polyethylene sacks, PE bags and HDPE waste sacks are recommended for other types of waste and residual waste. Particular value was placed on ensuring the materials are tear resistant when manufacturing the waste sacks. Special processing techniques even help prevent, or limit, tears from becoming larger when damage does occur. Even when subject to a heavy load, the content remains where it is supposed to be.

Waste sacks for recyclable waste containers and other waste collectors
Not only recyclable waste containers and large waste bins will be properly filled when these waste sacks are used. The individual waste sacks are available in transparent and non-transparent versions. Waste sack holders, quick binders and wire twisters for securely sealing the waste sacks are also available in the online shop. Wire loops or waste sacks with pull strings might also provide a practical solution in this case. To ensure the waste sack can be opened and closed multiple times if necessary, quick binders also can be ordered as resealable versions. If a film sack is required for large EUR mesh boxes, then an LDPE sack can not only be used for disposal, but also for storing filling material with a particularly small size. You can order waste sacks in regular intervals in the online shop. Save your shopping basket the next time you order something and simply open it up again next time you need something. Of course, you can also add items to this order as required. Make the most of the convenient online order options provided by KAISER+KRAFT.

Waste sacks

Grab a bag and send it packing: paper, refuse, organic waste and heavy waste. We have a waste sack suitable for every type of rubbish. The waste sacks have different fill capacities and colours. Pull strings and waste sack holder make handling the waste sacks even easier.
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Waste sacks
made of LDPE, capacity approx. 65 l
Ex. VAT 39.85
120 l waste sack
made of recycled LDPE, 37 µm
Ex. VAT 56.30
Waste sack
pack of 30
Ex. VAT 90.20
Plastic sack (liner)
made of LDPE, pack of 30
Ex. VAT 123.10
Biodegradable waste sacks
capacity 10 l, made of corn starch, pack of 500
Ex. VAT 272.00
Waste sacks
Ex. VAT 73.90
Waste sacks
capacity 400 l, pack of 100
Ex. VAT 133.70
Waste sacks
pack of 200
Ex. VAT 104.40
Ex. VAT from 48.05
Ex. VAT from 73.90
Waste bags for waste basket
polyethylene, transparent
Ex. VAT from 26.95
Waste sacks
for recyclable waste collector with inner container
Ex. VAT 66.80
Biodegradable waste sacks
made of paper for the collection of compostable waste
Ex. VAT 24.60
Biodegradable waste sacks
made of corn starch, pack of 90
Ex. VAT from 158.30
Heavy duty sacks
capacity 120 l, made of LDPE
Ex. VAT from 107.90
Waste sacks
capacity 65 l
Ex. VAT from 41.05
Plastic sacks
waste bin bags
Ex. VAT 73.90
Plastic sacks
capacity 70 l, WxH 575 x 1000 mm, pack of 250
Ex. VAT from 56.30
Plastic sacks
capacity 120 l, WxH 700 x 1100 mm
Ex. VAT from 56.30
Sacks with loop ties
made of LDPE, 50 µm
Ex. VAT 91.40
Waste sacks
made of grey polyethylene
Ex. VAT from 102.00
Plastic sack (liner)
for high EURO mesh pallet
Ex. VAT 123.10
Waste sacks
blue, LxW 1100 x 700 mm
Ex. VAT 71.50
Waste sacks
grey, LxW 800 x 600 mm
Ex. VAT 107.90
Ex. VAT 34.00
Waste sacks
made of paper
Ex. VAT from 91.40
Waste sack
made of polyethylene, transparent
Ex. VAT from 111.40
Ex. VAT from 104.40
Ex. VAT from 126.60
Ex. VAT 87.90
Waste sacks
made of polyethylene, capacity 120 l
Ex. VAT 79.80
Waste sacks
made of polyethylene, capacity 30 - 75 l
Ex. VAT 41.05
Ex. VAT 41.05
Ex. VAT 66.80
Waste sacks
made of polyethylene, capacity 70 l
Ex. VAT 86.80
Waste sacks
made of polyethylene, capacity 14 - 26 l
Ex. VAT 31.65
Waste sacks
pack of 250, blue
Ex. VAT from 90.20
Waste sack holder
for industrial cleaning paper dispenser
Ex. VAT 32.80
Quick fastener
Ex. VAT from 44.55
Waste sack holder
for retrofitting
Ex. VAT from 17.60
Laundry sack
for laundry cupboard
Ex. VAT 266.00
Wire twister
for plastic and paper sack
Ex. VAT 36.35
Wire loops
with plastic coating
Ex. VAT 199.30
46 items found
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