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The order process

You have found the right item and would now like to order it? On each product overview page, product details page and product recommendation you will find the “Add to shopping cart” link. Simply click on it to put the item directly in the shopping cart. If more than one variation is available for selection, you are asked to take your pick on the following confirmation page.
When you click the “Go to product” button, you first go to the product details page of the item and then you can place the item in your shopping cart with the “Add to shopping cart” button.

Direct ordering function

If you have a catalogue in front of you, or you know the ordering number already, then it's best to use our “Direct ordering” function. You will find this on the home page at the edge on the right (for users with JavaScript activated). Simply enter the number(s) and the correct quantity. If you would like to enter more than 5 items, click on the “Select further items” link. You are taken to a form where you are able to enter further items directly using the ordering number. Clicking on the “Add to shopping cart” button takes you directly to the shopping cart.

Details of the ordering process steps

My shopping cart
Your shopping cart is permanently visible at the top right of the web page and opens when the cursor touches it (this function is only available for users with JavaScript activated). Clicking on “Display shopping cart” takes you directly to the “My shopping cart” page. You can of course delete items at any time or change the quantities. To remove an item, simply click on the “X” symbol.
To change the quantity of an item, simply enter the relevant number and your shopping cart is automatically updated (for users with JavaScript activated; otherwise please use the “Update” link).

After clicking on the “Order” button you will proceed with your purchase in one of two ways: As a registered customer, you enter your user name and your password and then click on “Login”. Alternatively, you will have to use the second approach whereby you must simply enter your personal data. Next, click on “Continue” to confirm.
In the first step of your order you can see the products that you have selected.

Address data
You must enter your address data in the form so that we can process your order. Please observe that all fields with an * are mandatory fields that must be filled out. In the next step you can specify a different delivery or billing address. Make your changes in the relevant fields of the form. As a registered customer you can also create a default address here, which is then always pre-selected. Other addresses can then be selected quickly and easily during the order process using the drop-down list.
Order & payment details
You can check your entries again here, make changes to your shopping cart or your address data or payment option, and enter comments for the order. Vouchers and special offer codes can also be redeemed here. The amount for your shopping cart is then automatically reduced by the value of the voucher.

Order confirmation
After sending your order, a summary of the information is displayed on one page here in the online shop. The practical print function at the top right lets you print out the order.

Quick ordering

Registered customers logging in have the advantage of clicking on the “Pay now” button and directly going to the order overview page. You will find the link in the shopping cart area at the top right of the page.
On the “Check order & payment details” page, you will see addresses saved (delivery and billing address), the payment method selected, your shopping cart, and you also have the ability to redeem directly any vouchers you might have. For guest purchasers and customers who have not logged in, this page is step three of the ordering process.
You only need to click again on “Order” and your order will soon be made ready for shipping and delivered.

Product comparison