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BISLEY – HomeFiler

2 suspension file drawers

  • Closed tray shelf
  • Drawers with continuous grip rails
The cupboards in the HomeFiler series offer practical, unobtrusive storage space and are equally suited for use in a home office as they are for use in the office.
They feature a clear, streamlined design with a fully welded body without screws and rivets.

2 suspension file drawers on ball bearing mounted guide rails and with a 75% extension provide space for the A4 files. The central lock in the lower drawer provides security.
BISLEY – HomeFiler, 2 suspension file drawers
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{"articleNo":"M4045393","name":"BISLEY – HomeFiler 2 suspension file drawers","baseProduct":"","productUrl":"/p/M4045393/","imageUrl":"/Storage_Cupboards/Suspension_file_cabinets/HomeFiler_pdpsmall--000068753995_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
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Item no.:  526500 10
BISLEY – HomeFiler, 2 suspension file drawers, silver
4-5 Week Delivery
on request
{"articleNo":"526500","name":"BISLEY – HomeFiler 2 suspension file drawers","baseProduct":"M4045393","productUrl":"/p/M4045393/","imageUrl":"/Storage_Cupboards/Suspension_file_cabinets/HomeFiler_pdpsmall--000068753995_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: silver Front colour: silver
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"silver","formattedValue":"silver"},{"name":"Front colour","normalizedName":"Colour","value":"silver","formattedValue":"silver"}]}
Item no.:  526501 10
BISLEY – HomeFiler, 2 suspension file drawers, charcoal
4-5 Week Delivery
on request
{"articleNo":"526501","name":"BISLEY – HomeFiler 2 suspension file drawers","baseProduct":"M4045393","productUrl":"/p/M4045393/","imageUrl":"/Storage_Cupboards/Suspension_file_cabinets/HomeFiler_pdpsmall--000068761135_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: charcoal Front colour: charcoal
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"charcoal","formattedValue":"charcoal"},{"name":"Front colour","normalizedName":"Colour","value":"charcoal","formattedValue":"charcoal"}]}
light grey
Item no.:  526502 10
BISLEY – HomeFiler, 2 suspension file drawers, light grey
4-5 Week Delivery
on request
{"articleNo":"526502","name":"BISLEY – HomeFiler 2 suspension file drawers","baseProduct":"M4045393","productUrl":"/p/M4045393/","imageUrl":"/Storage_Cupboards/Suspension_file_cabinets/HomeFiler_pdpsmall--000068761044_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: light grey Front colour: light grey
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"light grey","formattedValue":"light grey"},{"name":"Front colour","normalizedName":"Colour","value":"light grey","formattedValue":"light grey"}]}
cardinal red
Item no.:  526503 10
BISLEY – HomeFiler, 2 suspension file drawers, cardinal red
4-5 Week Delivery
on request
{"articleNo":"526503","name":"BISLEY – HomeFiler 2 suspension file drawers","baseProduct":"M4045393","productUrl":"/p/M4045393/","imageUrl":"/Storage_Cupboards/Suspension_file_cabinets/HomeFiler_pdpsmall--000068760437_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: cardinal red Front colour: cardinal red
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"cardinal red","formattedValue":"cardinal red"},{"name":"Front colour","normalizedName":"Colour","value":"cardinal red","formattedValue":"cardinal red"}]}
traffic white
Item no.:  526504 10
BISLEY – HomeFiler, 2 suspension file drawers, traffic white
4-5 Week Delivery
on request
{"articleNo":"526504","name":"BISLEY – HomeFiler 2 suspension file drawers","baseProduct":"M4045393","productUrl":"/p/M4045393/","imageUrl":"/Storage_Cupboards/Suspension_file_cabinets/HomeFiler_pdpsmall--000068761133_PRD_org_all.jpg"}
Item properties:
Body colour: traffic white Front colour: traffic white
{"features":[{"name":"Body colour","normalizedName":"","value":"traffic white","formattedValue":"traffic white"},{"name":"Front colour","normalizedName":"Colour","value":"traffic white","formattedValue":"traffic white"}]}

Technical data

Height 672 mm
Width 413 mm
Depth 400 mm
Article cabinet for suspension files
Material sheet steel
Number of suspension filing drawers 2 pcs.
Suspension file drawer model 1-track
For paper format A4
Suspension file drawer extends to 75%
Drawer guide ball bearing guide
Max. drawer load 40 kg
Lock type central locking
Lockable yes
Feature lockable
Weight 13.69 kg
Supplied assembled

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