Card file cabinets

What would doctor's practices all over the world look like without them? Card file cabinets are the perfect solution when it comes to storing hundreds, or even thousands, or cards in a clearly arranged and well organised-manner. Because card file cabinets are usually opened and closed day in, day out, our cabinets are not only practical but also extremely robust.

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Why are card file cabinets essential?

Despite digitalisation and the resultant decreasing use of paper in the office, some documents are at least additionally always filed in paper form. Now, if you're wondering what these are, think of your last appraisal. We also like to hang university degrees and significant qualifications for our work on our wall in display cases. Administrative offices in schools, universities or personnel departments, on the other hand, store these and other valuable documents in filing cabinets. Yes, some institutions cannot do without filing cabinets. For example, card file cabinets are indispensable for medical practices and law firms. This is because it must be possible to show the files to patients and clients at any time. And where hundreds of patient files, class test results, personal files or legal documents have to be stored, the protection of sensitive data should also be considered. GDPR means that personal data may not be easily accessible, which is why we recommend lockable filing cabinets for such documents.

Card file cabinets – the guardians of order

Open, closed, open, closed – if you stood in a facility that has filing cabinets and had to count the number of times they are used, you'd have your work cut out. A drawer is opened several hundred times so that patient files or other important documents can be retrieved and put back again. And the drawers not only open frequently, but also in a flash. Because thanks to the order provided by card file cabinets, you can find the document you need in no time at all.

What are card file cabinets made of?

Furniture that is constantly in use should also be made of materials that can withstand frequent use. This is why the card file cabinets in our webshop are particularly robust and stable. We offer variants made of sheet steel, powder-coated or stove-enamelled. These are not only hard-wearing but also pleasant to look at. You thus contribute to the positive overall appearance of your workspaces.

We offer filing cabinets in common colours such as light grey, pure white, ultramarine blue or black. These colours can be wonderfully combined with your existing furnishings. For example, if you have more index cards than space, or if you want index cabinets matching the shelves and cabinets already in your rooms.

By the way: you receive your card file cabinets from us completely assembled, thus saving you time and effort.

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