Storage Containers

Warehouse equipment often requires complex and detailed work. Just as well that we have the right products! From pallets and containers, transport boxes and sump trays to drawers and tanks, you will find a comprehensive range of storage products for your warehouse equipment. Safety, functionality and quality always come in first place.

Storage equipment – maintain an overview in any situation

A clearly organised storage facility is the best prerequisite for uninterrupted workflows. The right storage equipment allows you maintain an overview in confined spaces and when things suddenly get busy. You can order everything you need for this from KAISER+KRAFT – from Euro pallets to sump trays.

Storage containers :stacking intelligently and maximising the available space

It all starts with the shelving unit. Extendable boltless and bolt-together shelving units, wide span and heavy duty shelving units or storage shelving units in the right size allow you to exploit the available space while remaining flexible. Then all you need is the matching storage containers for appointing your shelf units, such as:

When making your choice, please ensure that your storage container, the contents and the shelf unit all fit together. The material plays an important role in this. Our purchasing guide to types of plastic will tell you more about the different types of plastics and their properties.

Using the right pallets as bases

Whether you decided for shelf units or for floor storage, pallets are a must-have as a base for any type of container. Stacked and secured on pallets, they are easy and quick to move from one place to another using stackers or pallet trucks.

You also have a choice of these too: Euro pallets in a standardised size are all-rounders for storage and transport, are exchangeable and ideal for loading onto semi-trailers. Pallet collars allow you to turn them into a box for small parts and big parts in no time. And if you only want to use a pallet once? Then choose a version made of recyclable and biologically degradable materials such as chipboard. Hygienic pallets, in contrast, are made of


, are easy to clean and are approved for use with foodstuffs.

More about pallets and their properties can be found in our purchasing guides to Euro pallets and plastic pallets.

By the way: loaded pallets can also be stacked. Pallet frames make it possible.

Safety has priority – regulations and tips for safe storerooms

Anyone who sets up a storage facility needs to observe certain regulations and laws. Fundamental requirements can be found in DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) rule 108-007. Also important: building guidelines and regulations on fire protection.

Along with the load bearing capacity of shelf units and bases or the type of lighting, transport routes also play an important role. How wide these need to be also depends on the type, and the dimensions, of the means of transport being used. 1.25 m is the minimum in a warehouse, while 0.75 m will suffice in access routes for persons only. Accessories such as crash protection or edge protection also ensure that you can prevent additional accidents and protect your employees, transport equipment and warehouse equipment.

Do you have to store flammable, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances? In this case, the Hazardous Goods Directive is decisive. The right containers and proper accessories for safe storage can also be purchased from us. Our product range with everything you need for hazardous goods handling includes, for example, sump trays as stationary and mobile versions. They ensure that nothing gets spilt when spillages present a hazard. You'll be at ease moving hazardous contents from A to B in drum dollies or drum trucks.

Read more about the different types of drum sumps in our purchasing guide to GRP sump trays and our purchasing guide to sump tray compatibility.

With storage containers and solutions, the systematic configuration pays off

A functioning storage facility will save you time and money, prevent accidents and leave a good impression among customers and business partners. If you're unsure which warehouse equipment is right for you, then please contact us. We'll be happy to advise you when choosing shelf units, storage containers and accessories.

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