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Plant pots and vases: The final touch for your office plants

What would an attractive plant be in the office or reception area without the right flower pot or vase? A half-finished decorative object! That's why stylish pots and vases are virtually essential.

What do I have to consider when choosing plant pots and vases?

From a functional point of view, the pots should give the plants enough space for the roots to unfold and optimally absorb nutrients and water. But you don't have to worry about that with artificial plants. What particularly counts here is the visual interplay.

In this game, a pot is a stylistic statement that can underline the effect of the plant in the room to an even better extent.

Arrangements in which the basic geometry of the plant is reflected in the pot have a very harmonious effect. A round box tree is displayed to great advantage in a round planter, pyramids look perfect in conical vessels. Minimalist pots and vases in a simple cuboid form complement wonderfully delicate, straight plants such as Sansevieria.

In terms of colour, bright and colourful pots and vases emphasise particularly lavish flower arrangements in bright colours, while black, white and grey make the green of ferns, palms, etc. shine.

Plant pots and vases as elements of modern workplace design

''Biophilic Design'' is moving into more and more administrative departments and offices. This furnishing movement wants to bring nature to the workplace. And that works without architectural masterpieces. For example, room dividers made of (real) plants are a wonderful idea to demonstrably improve the working climate.

All you need is at least hip-high pots or plant containers and correspondingly tall and lush green plants. These natural trellises provide more privacy without overwhelming the room or loading it with visually off-putting barriers. And next to a calming wall of green, work is simply better.

You can also divide zones in the cafeteria or reception area in this way, without these boundaries appearing too heavy or compact. This natural lightness is one of the basic principles of Biophilic Design.

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