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Suction lifters for safe transport of heavy loads
The suction lifter makes all sorts of transportation problems disappear in an instant. Suction lifters are a practical and easy-to-use version of machine jacks. Whether a plate of glass needs to be transported, or other heavy objects with smooth surfaces, when the right lifting technology is used, loading and unload becomes much easier and costs a lot less time. The suction lifters should really only be considered lifting devices that are used to lift something up. The actual object transport is carried out using suitable transport equipment. KAISER+KRAFT offers transport systems for all requirements. Above all, transport devices and lifting equipment vary in their load bearing capacities. There are suction grippers with a lifting capacity of 30 kg or up to more than 100 kg. This means there is a suitable lifting device for every material to be transported. When using these devices, not only protection of the objects being lifted plays an important role, but also maintaining the physical health of employees. Of course, you will have to lift the objects, however the suction lifter makes handling them much easier, and you won't get cramps or end up bending too far. Of course, even more relief is provided when objects are transported by machine.

Lifting technology and transport technology effectively united
When a good suction lifter is used, then washing machines, furniture, plates and panels can be safely lifted. Special suction lifters with moving heads are particularly well suited for convex surfaces, such as car windscreens. The suction cap attaches itself firmly and provides the perfect grip. However, transporting these unusual, or heavy, materials then needs to be carried out using a rolling transport device. KAISER+KRAFT offers a wide range of different transport devices, allowing lifting technology and transport technology to be combined particularly well. The range of suction grippers is also comprised of several version. Suction lifters are available with one, two and three suction cups according to the loads that need to be transported using them. The material is also decisive. Plastic suction lifters often have a lower lifting capacity that aluminium suction lifters. A good alternative to suction lifters are lifting magnets. The product range from KAISER+KRAFT includes all models.

Suction lifters

We're starting to feel the pressure – or to be more exact, the negative pressure. This is the simple principle behind every suction lifter: a vacuum is generated between the suction lifter disc and the smooth surface of the object being transported, making heavy loads easy to lift and move. A real relief for you and your colleagues!
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Suction lifter
safe max. load 120 kg, manometer
Ex. VAT 294.50
Suction lifter
aluminium housing, lifting capacity 60 kg
Ex. VAT from 50.40
Suction lifter
aluminium housing, lifting capacity 70 kg
Ex. VAT from 63.30
Suction lifter
aluminium body, lifting capacity 30 kg, one-hand operation
Ex. VAT from 56.30
Suction lifter
plastic body, lifting capacity 45 kg
Ex. VAT from 85.60
Suction lifter
aluminium body, lifting capacity 60 kg, one-hand operation
Ex. VAT from 82.10
Suction lifter
aluminium housing, lifting capacity 100 kg
Ex. VAT from 77.30
Suction lifter
aluminium housing, lifting capacity 120 kg
Ex. VAT 181.70
8 items found
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