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Starmix vacuum cleaners are made for real professionals and are developed by real professionals: at the headquarters maintained by the ELECTROSTAR GmbH company in Reichenbach, industrial vacuum cleaners are made which are used in workshops, on constructions sites and as workshop vacuum cleaners. What is needed most at all these places of use? Starmix vacuum cleaners must be particularly powerful and prove their perseverance. And they do! Quality “Made in Germany” is what is promised.

The Starmix industrial vacuum cleaners are, above all, distinguished from standard vacuum cleaners by their unique filtering ability: impulse filter cleaning. This ensures a healthy working environment, because the finer the dust, the more hazardous to health it is. This is why an electric tool vacuum cleaner from Starmix will keep you on the safe side. Starmix vacuum cleaners do justice to individual demands, including yours. Find the best industrial vacuum cleaner for your needs right now: for every job, for every tool, for every dust class.

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