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Everything runs well with proroll. The first proroll wheels and castors became available on the market in 1986. In the two years that followed, the new product range primarily focussed on the ironware and industrial areas. In the 90s, expansions and relocations not only made proroll a bigger company, but also enabled them to expand their range. Office chair castors and other easily mounted furniture castors are now part of their product programme. proroll has moved on from solely dealing in items like these, and has now become a manufacturer with production locations in Asia and Europe. The individual parts are always produced where the experts work. For example, China has excellent metal processing, Poland has precise tool manufacturing and the whole of Eastern Europe helps out with final production. Because the production means and their testing undergo continuous improvement, new quality standards have also been able to be established.

We – and you – can already profit from these standards! In the proroll castor shop, you can find high-quality transport castors and chair castors: PU wheels, solid rubber tyres or thermoplastic elastomer tyres, with ball bearings, plastic or aluminium rims. Fit them or retrofit them to your furniture to make sure everything keeps rolling along nicely.

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