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A striking name and the use of funny animals represent two extremely successful stylistic devices when it comes to branding and advertising. From the perspective of marketing alone, NEW PIG has managed to do everything right – be it the creative choice of name when the company was founded in 1985, or the pig still occasionally found smiling broadly in advertisements or brochures, or slogans such as “Your mess – our business”. This expert for absorption agents, which runs a business that is just as successful as its marketing campaigns, proves that serious subjects such as leakage management or the containment and control of spills can benefit from a light-hearted approach.

As so often the case, work comes before play – and NEW PIG really has been hard at work. The experts for leakages have been ceaselessly searching for the best materials and instruments for absorbing liquids for almost 35 years now, and have no intention of slowing down: All product developers at NEW PIG consistently incorporate customer feedback into their famous “Absorbatorium” and perform tests on the resulting product refinements and new developments until everyone is satisfied. Or at least until the next feedback or the next idea arrives…

This strategy of continual improvement has lead to NEW PIG products meanwhile being used in more than 300,000 companies and institutions all over the world. And NEW PIG has made such an impression on us that we are thrilled to be able to add a number of highlights to our product range for you with immediate effect. Have fun making new discoveries!

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