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What do you say? “Leitz folders” or “document folders”? When one brand becomes synonymous for a product range in the German language, then you know a company has made it. Consequently, Leitz is now the premium European brand for office organisation and has developed a wide range of products for office requirements that are always ahead of their time. Regardless of whether it is Leitz lamination devices, Leitz storage boxes, Leitz suspension folders or Leitz suspension files – Leitz is constantly expanded its range so that it can do its job of helping you do your job as well as possible!

To do this Leitz can call on many years of experience. The company was founded in 1871 by Louis Leitz who was looking for ways of organising his documents in a more efficient manner. After several experiments, the first Leitz folder was created in 1896 in what was a company that described itself at the time as a “workshop for the manufacture of metal parts for ordering equipment”. 100 years later in 1998 Leitz became part of the Esselte Group. And over all these years there has been no adage that fits Leitz better than “a tide house and a tidy mind”.

Bring your house in order! With Leitz!

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