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Simple, yet highly successful things emerge from Sweden with remarkable regularity, such as the furniture designed by IKEA, the Tetra Pak drink cartons – and Konga Mekaniska Verkstadt AB, a major manufacturer of products for transport technology. Simple and good – this describes the core of the Kongamek product range perfectly. The company knows what its customers need, and uses this knowledge as a basis for developing clever and functional solutions: trolleys in many different versions, such as mesh trolleys, assembly trolleys and trolleys for transporting long goods, as well as roll containers and board lifts with a tilt function and many other products that companies require for internal company transport. Another typical feature of Kongamek products are electrolytically zinc plated – and therefore corrosion resistant – articles for daily, trouble-free use. Kongamek attributes its own success primarily to its own company philosophy, which states that no job is too big or too small. Furthermore, the company develops its products in-house and has the full product range largely produced in Sweden.

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