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If you lived in China or Egypt around 5,000 years ago, you were probably able to rejoice in a cool bath or a rich harvest. The reason: these two countries are considered to be the first to have drawn and pumped water with bucket wheels.

Nowadays, robust, powerful and high quality pumps are used to convey a wide variety of liquids. And no one else knows this as well as Jessberger GmbH from Ottobrunn near Munich. Whether for media such as alkalis, acids, oils, fuels, solvents or foodstuffs, whether for pumping out, refilling, keeping in circulation, metering or for disposing of residues – the family-owned pump manufacturer has been producing pump systems and filling equipment of all kinds in a production and office area measuring more than 2000 square metres since 2003. The company’s products are used worldwide in more than 70 countries and in almost all industry sectors.

Jessberger specialises in hand pumps and drum pumps – well-known on the market due to their outstanding price-performance ratio – laboratory pumps and eccentric screw pumps, the construction and assembly of which was relocated to another site in Upper Bavaria. Of course, safety always has top priority. Jessberger offers explosion-protected pump models for all sorts of liquids or highly flammable and combustible pumped media. Given that the production of standard models isn’t all that the renowned family-owned company can do, the pumps can even be customised.

No wonder that Jessberger GmbH can count more than 10,000 companies from a wide range of sectors (e.g. chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, automotive) among its loyal customers in Germany alone.

After all, the company’s experienced employees not only produce the very highest quality, but time and again come up with optimal solutions – even for very demanding requirements – that keep work processes efficient.

And which pump do you need for your daily work? You will always find the right Jessberger product in our range at KAISER+KRAFT.

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