You know how it is. You have a liquid in front of you, there's a moment of carelessness, and it's happened. It's great if you have a cloth within reach, can wipe it up quickly and be done with it. It's not so great if the liquid is an aggressive hazardous substance. This is why safe and specially developed products and solutions are needed for everyday activities to keep hazardous liquids under control at all times. And that is exactly what the FALCON brand is responsible for.

Quickly refilled and metered out here, filled and stored there. Handling and transporting aggressive and highly flammable media is part of everyday work of industrial enterprises – for example, when equipment and small parts have to be cleaned. This requires the employee to pay close attention. Safe and economical use of hazardous substances to reduce hazards, avoid additional costs and incorrect dosage, and to reduce the risk of leakage.

The FALCON range specialises in just that. Safety cans, safety canisters or containers, plunger cans, small parts cleaners. Many of the products are even equipped with a fine dosage tap, and are built so robustly that nothing can really go wrong. These products allow hazardous liquids to be safely transported, stored, deployed at the workplace and precisely dispensed.

Which hazardous liquids do you have to deal with in your everyday work? You're bound to find exactly the right FALCON product in our range.

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