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Do you know the problem of illegible handwriting? Typefaces that often look like hieroglyphics, that are barely decipherable and appear to have come straight off a doctor's notepad. Trying to read such things sets the blood boiling ... but now time has been called on illegible, spidery scrawl. This is where Dymo comes into play.
As one of the leading providers of innovative labelling solutions, Dymo helps you with the organisation and labelling of office and production areas. Discover the intelligent, battery-operated Dymo labelling devices with integrated keyboard, LCD displays, numerous formatting functions and high printing output. The portable Dymo labelling device, the LabelManager 280, allows everything to be labelled in a simple way. Labels can be quickly created in a reader-friendly form, text entry is performed directly on the country-specific QWERTY keyboard. And because everyday working life is demanding enough, all you need to do with the labelling device is start using it as the integrated software is displayed and ready for use on your computer monitor. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you will have more space available on your desk. Illegible scribble is thus a thing of the past. At last!