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Dataflex, a Dutch company, designs and produces ergonomic workplace solutions. And attractive ones as well: the monitor arm ViewLite Plus, for example, was presented with the A'Design Gold Award for workmanship and technical design. This not only proves the company's innovative capacity, but also demonstrates that monitor arms are much more important than you would think. The characteristic features of the ViewLite Plus monitor arm: a slim, lightweight design and a patented mechanism for height adjustment by means of bearings that act in one direction. This means that the ViewLite Plus can support a PC screen with a weight between zero and seven kilograms. Trivial? Not at all, as Roderik Mos, product manager at Dataflex, says: “This weight range might seem to be a trivial product feature, however the ViewLite Plus is the only monitor arm available at present that can support today's hardware as reliably as the lightweight monitors and equipment of tomorrow.”

Other products that Dataflex specialises in are: support arm systems for monitors, brackets for CPUs, cable management for EDP and office workstations, Desk Ergonomics monitor stands and document holders for better ergonomics in the office, PC solutions and much more. This is what makes work fun again!

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By the way: Monitor arms also play an important role for ergonomics at the workplace: a monitor arm allows a screen to be set to exactly the right height, ensuring a healthy posture when seated. And a practical, additional benefit: more free space on the desk. By the way, did you know that the ViewLite Plus was also awarded the “European Aluminium Award”, because it is almost completely made of “green”, partly recycled, cast aluminium? You see – monitor arms really can be interesting when they come from the right manufacturer.