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Pallet racking – effective storage – flexible arrangements – matching materials
Pallet racking units and cantilever racking units with different load bearing capacities and heights can be used flexibly and are easy to adapt to the layout of existing spaces and other storage facilities. Storage shelving is absolutely essential for storing pallets with different designs and weights. Because the number of items and the volume of the goods for storage can often fluctuate, shelving systems that can be extended and are quick to assemble, disassemble or reassemble provide the benefit of flexibility. If parts of the pallet racking are not needed for a while, then they are easy to disassemble and can be stored to save space. A practical option when space temporarily needs to be freed up for other purposes. Pallet racking can, in turn, be extended systematically as soon as more storage space is required. Along with the stable frame construction, a well thought out selection of different shelving panels are necessary for pallet racking in order to do justice to the different requirements of stored goods. The choice of shelving panels ranges from chipboard shelves to mesh grids, and there are also sheet steel panels and covers for heavy duty shelving units. Different depths and strengths are available in every category. All decisive criteria such as air circulation, load capacities and size of the stored goods are taken into consideration and the materials used are adapted to the intended function.

Safety has utmost priority when using pallet racking

Because pallet racking units need to be able to withstand loads of up to 10,000 kg, tested materials and structurally correct extension units are an indispensable basic prerequisite for safe storage. There are good reasons why high safety requirements are made of storage areas. Monitoring by certified inspection engineers and strict adherence to DIN standards and guidelines guarantee the highest possible safety for humans and material. Bolt anchors for anchoring units to the floor, and installation of impact protection near transport paths, reduce the danger of accidents significantly. Suitable impact protection must be affixed on the uprights at both ends of the shelving unit in accordance with the guidelines in BGR 234 when there are transport paths nearby. Welded uprights provide a high degree of stability and a long service life for the pallet racking. Put safety first and place your trust in the tested quality available from KAISER+KRAFT when choosing your storage equipment.

Pallet racking units

Pallet racking can withstand the heaviest of loads and are extremely robust. All the more astounding that they are also so flexible at the same time: they can be extended without problems and be configured exactly the way you – or your pallets – require. We'll be happy to plan your new pallet racking together with you – just get in touch!
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upright height 2500 mm
Ex. VAT from 93.80
upright height 3000 mm
Ex. VAT from 107.90
upright height 3500 mm
Ex. VAT from 120.80
Pallet racking
complete shelf unit
Ex. VAT 595.00
upright height 4000 mm, max. bay load 8391 kg
Ex. VAT from 133.70
upright height 4500 mm
Ex. VAT from 160.60
upright height 5000 mm
Ex. VAT from 178.20
Pallet racking
extension shelf unit
Ex. VAT 301.50
Drive-in shelving unit
shelf unit depth 1740 mm, 2 pallets deep
Ex. VAT from 465.50
Drive-in shelving unit
shelf unit depth 2590 mm, 3 pallets deep
Ex. VAT from 655.00
Drive-in shelving unit
shelf unit depth 3440 mm, 4 pallets deep
Ex. VAT from 800.00
Drive-in shelving unit
shelf unit depth 4290 mm, 5 pallets deep
Ex. VAT from 945.00
upright height 4000 mm, max. bay load 10687 kg
Ex. VAT from 148.90
Ex. VAT from 97.30
Ex. VAT from 105.60
Ex. VAT from 151.20
Ex. VAT from 158.30
Ex. VAT from 165.30
Ex. VAT from 197.00
Ex. VAT from 206.00
Complete pallet shelf unit
steel, painted with synthetic resin
Ex. VAT from 292.00
Ex. VAT from 79.80
Ex. VAT from 96.20
Ex. VAT from 112.50
Ex. VAT from 132.50
Ex. VAT from 144.20
Ex. VAT from 164.10
27 items found
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