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File shelving units and folder shelving units – professional archiving, long-term benefits
Every well organised office, every well filled archive and every institution with an extensive library requires functional, stable and durable file shelving units. Clearly structured document storage makes a decisive contribution to everyday office work. An archive is not worthy of its name without professional storage and folder shelving units. Libraries require file shelving units for an extended period of use. Professional folder shelving units provide the equipment that is essential for this. The overview required in the office can only be created with well thought out file shelving units. Modern office furniture is characterised by a variety of high quality materials and different designs. Shelving units for folders provide much more than a random storage space in the offices of today. They should therefore match the existing office furniture both visually and in terms of purpose. The option of being able to extend the folder shelving units at a later point in time, and being able to connect them to any filing cupboards installed, is important to consider. After all, the equipment in an office is also a calling card for the employees. Regardless of whether it is for in-house equipment or for commercial use in the presence of customers: office materials, furniture and even file shelving units make a decisive impression about the user. Despite all their practicality and functionality, the folder shelving units should still, however, be stylish and appealing. A tastefully furnished work room is visually enhanced by decently matching file shelving units. Elegantly configured furnishings are crucial for a positive work climate and therefore decisive for the success being strived for.

Optimum file shelving units – the importance of good organisation
Time is money – this principle of business applies more than ever these days. This makes professional shelving units all the more important for an organised workflow in archives and libraries. A good overview and fast access are essential to work productively. File shelving units in which folders and documents are not only easily to find, but can also be compactly stored, therefore need to exhibit a certain level of stability. A variety of modern materials not only lend the shelving units stability, but also an appealing appearance. The professional folder shelving unit product range at KAISER+KRAFT allows you to satisfy all important aspects of your future file organisation and archiving system. Modern file shelving units make working efficiently much easier.

Archive shelving

Where would we be without file shelving units? Probably miserable, because we would spend half our work day looking for folders, documents and files. Fortunately, wasting time like this isn't necessary: our space saving and fully extendable file shelving units provide a space for every important file folder.
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hofe - Bolt-together archive shelving, zinc plated
shelf height 1150 mm, double sided
Ex. VAT from 107.90
hofe - Bolt-together archive shelving, zinc plated
shelf height 1500 mm, double sided
Ex. VAT from 127.70
hofe - Bolt-together archive shelving, zinc plated
shelf height 1850 mm, double sided
Ex. VAT from 153.60
Ex. VAT from 181.70
hofe - Bolt-together archive shelving, zinc plated
shelf height 2550 mm, double sided
Ex. VAT from 215.00
hofe - Bolt-together archive shelving, zinc plated
shelf height 2900 mm, double sided
Ex. VAT from 246.00
Ex. VAT from 153.60
Ex. VAT from 185.20
Ex. VAT from 222.00
Ex. VAT from 261.50
Ex. VAT from 301.50
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24 items found
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