Specialist deliveries

Product services

We deliver in such a way that our products can be used immediately

There are products that cannot be taken and assembled or set up just like that. Sometimes custom work is required. And sometimes aids are needed. We are happy to offer you our help in these cases and deliver such articles exactly where you want them.

Safe delivery service

Product services wt$

Safes – you've found the one you want, ordered it and had it delivered. Where should the steel cabinet be placed where you want it to be? Ask us! We will take care of delivery to the point of use. This means we bring it exactly to the spot where you want your new safe to be – providing that the on-site conditions permit. To clarify this in advance, please contact our team before ordering to get a quote.

Our service for "heavy jobs"

To unload some of our heavier products you may need a crane or forklift, but you don't have the right equipment on-site?

Then you can simply contact us for a quote on crane/forklift unloading along with the product.

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: The unloading point should be accessible for a HGV trailer. If it is not - we will try to find something suitable for your site.