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The term sack truck already hints at the long – and successful – history of this sort of trolley, as its original form was developed in ancient times. At that time two cast iron wheels with a wooden frame would be used to transport grain sacks. Today industrial companies still rely on sack trucks, though, other than still using the principle of levers, the current sack truck models have little to do with those from the Middle Ages. Modern sack cars have solid rubber or pneumatic tyres and are suitable for a variety of floors: Pneumatic tyres level out uneven lanes, while full rubber or polyurethane wheels function perfectly on slippery factory floors and are maintenance free. The wooden frames have also been replaced. These days the extra light models have frames made of aluminium; the models with very high max. load use welded tubular or stainless steel for the frames.

The best sack trucks for your purposes
Then as now sack trucks were used if bulky transported goods needed to be moved safely and easily, such as bins, drums or even sacks. Since the selection of sack trucks at KAISER+KRAFT ranges from the compact aluminium sack truck to the multi-functional folding steps and the max. load from 50 to 400 kg, it makes sense to decide on your requirements before purchasing one. Depending on what load the sack truck will be carrying, what the floor conditions are and whether steps must be navigated, you must choose the frame material, the max load and the type of tyres and shovel accordingly. The stair climbers can be identified by their star wheels – that means 3 to 5 wheels per side, which easily roll over steps. Since many sack trucks are folding, they require little space and are easy to take along in the car.