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What do I actually need for strapping...? To a certain extent, that depends on what you want to package. But you'll certainly need straps, a dispenser, a tensioning and sealing device and a seal for the strap. Or make things easy for yourself and just order one of our practical strapping sets. It includes everything you need, and everything is a perfect match.

In the category Strapping sets we offer you products of the following brands: EUROKRAFTbasic, EUROKRAFTpro.

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Everything you need for strapping – in one set
The strapping sets include everything you need for strapping by hand, and the accessories have also been perfectly matched and selected for the intended use. Do you need to strap packages regularly, and are these packages comprised of large, bulky items? Then a strapping set with packing tape is your best candidate. Do you only strap packages occasionally, and place value on particularly straightforward use? Then here it is, our entry level set with PET strapping for quick and uncomplicated use. Whatever it is you are strapping, we have the right set for you. And if one of the materials has been used up, it's really easy to place a new order for straps, seals and other items you need. Would you rather put your very own, individual strapping set together? Of course, we have even more strapping with dispensers, tensioning and sealing devices and seals on offer as well.